Christmas Wish List

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving from RCARD. While you enjoy time with friends and family, drifting away into a tryptophan based euphoria, check out a sample of our Christmas wish list for this year.

1. Clarks Desert Boots

So much can be said about this fantastic piece of footwear. The original Clarks Desert Boot is classic, classy, rugged and just plain cool. Many brands have come up with their own take on this particular boot, but rarely do you find a pair as good as the offering from this timeless brand. Dress them up or down, take them to work or out to the bar, these shoes are versatile and a good addition to any man’s collection.

2. Jcrew Peacoat

I get it, I live in Los Angeles. A heavy peacoat is about as useful as a Hawaiian shirt on a frigid January day in Vermont. However, for the few weeks that the temperature dips below 60 degrees and one can justify winter clothes, this terrific military inspired peacoat from Jcrew does the trick nicely.

3. Ray-Ban Wayfarer

I’m way late to the game on this one, as everyone’s token hipster friend has been wearing Wayfarers for years now, (and will always claim to be the one who started the revival), but I can’t help myself. I tried a pair on for the first time the other day and fell in love with the classic design and attention to detail.

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