Evisu No. 3

First off, I must apologize for the brief respite I have taken from posting the past few weeks. Jordan has very kindly taken the reins and kept up regular writing duties, and I hope to have a computer back soon enough to continue helping him with our little endeavor.

Now, onto the goods. I’ve had my eye on a pair of Evisu jeans since their recent relaunch at the hands of Earnest Sewn founder Scott Morrison in 2009. Having owned my fair share of subtly branded denim, I was looking to invest in something that perhaps looked a little different and, dare I say, slightly flashy. The back pocket designs on the latest Evisu slim leg raw selvedge jean, (Dubbed, the No. 3), are large painted Seagulls that add some flare to the jeans and give me an opportunity to break away from the simple APC or Naked and Famous offerings that dominate my everyday wardrobe.

I’m particularly fond of the story behind the brand’s namesake. Apparently, Evisu is the Japanese god of money who is normally portrayed holding a fishing rod. The brand’s founder, Hidehiko Yamane, chose the name because his five favorite things in life are Money, Fishing, Beer, Women and Golf. That’s a story I can get behind.

I’ll be keeping you posted on the wear patterns as they begin to form, but this pair might take a little longer to see results as they won’t be receiving much regular wear.

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