Sample Sale Find

Sample sales are hit and miss by nature. Really, it just takes one great find to make the experience of elbowing through crowds of people worthwhile. For me, I had the find of a lifetime this weekend at the Joe’s Jeans sample sale in Commerce, Calif.

Despite never actually owning a pair, I’ve always liked Joe’s Jeans. They have fantastic ad campaigns and their “Brixton” has always fit me well. I fell in love with a pair awhile back when I went on a casting for them and had been waiting to pull the trigger until my bank account recovered from fall expenditures. This weekend, I emptied the chamber.

Beneath other articles of clothing deemed defective, I found a diamond in the rough, a beautiful pair of Size 32 Brixton‘s in raw denim. I don’t believe Joe’s sells raw denim, and given that the inside pocket is covered with Sharpie notes from the factory, I don’t expect Joe’s had any intention on selling this piece as a part of their collection. Instead, and I could be completely wrong here but hear me out, I believe these jeans were used as a fit guide for their production run of washed denim, a sample piece that had been sewed to the same specifications, but without the distressing. Next to the word “wash” lies something beautiful: nothing. Unwashed, beautiful raw denim. An oversight, a throwaway that had somehow made it into this sample sale. Sure, there isn’t a button and there is chalk writing all over it, but $5 dollars for a quality pair of raw denim from a company like Joe’s made my weekend!

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