The Perfect Arnold Palmer

Winter is upon us, and though Los Angeles had record 100 degree heat last week, it’s inevitable that gloomy weather will arrive any day. For us at RR&RD, that means weekend and weekday vacations to Palm Springs, and what better way to enjoy the Springs than with a delicious Arnold Palmer? For those that have never sampled this delicious concoction, it’s a wonderful combination of Iced Tea and Lemonade invented by the famous golfer that gives it it’s name. There are many ways to make a Palmer, but here’s my recipe for one that I find delightful.

Newman’s Own makes wonderful lemonade, and it’s my pick for this recipe for three reasons. First, its namesake is also eponymous, so Palmer & Newman mix well both figuratively and literally. Second, it is damn good lemonade. Lastly, all after-tax profits are donated to charity, and when you have the choice, make your purchase contribute some good.

Our Iced Tea mixer is Diet Snapple Raspberry Tea. My favorite is their blend of Black & Green teas, though any of Snapple’s Raspberry line will do. They say it’s made from the best stuff on earth, and when it comes to Diet beverages, they really hit the nail on the head. We didn’t skimp on calories with lemonade, I’ve found many Diet lemonades to be tart and sour, but when you can save a few calories here or there, might as well. After all, Palm Springs is known for its pools and you want to look trim.

Mix two parts Iced Tea with one part Lemonade, stir rigorously and enjoy poolside.

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