Style: Boots

Depending on how they are paired with your slacks or denim, boots can be at once casual and formal. I credit Varvatos for making them a cultural phenomenon for the young 20’s set, but at a price out of reach for many young consumers, I offer three lower priced alternatives.

Aldo makes some great distressed work boots that are very attractive and reasonably price, my favorite are the Swarn and the Benyo. It’s hard to talk about men’s boots without mentioning Doc Martens. They’ve been in the game for decades and make a really quality product. That said, they are a strong, solid looking boot and they make a statement, so pair them with other workwear, like flannels and a henley. Lastly, we would be remiss to discuss military inspired boots without mentioning military surplus combat boots. These G.I. Boots come spit shine, brand spanking new, so you’ll have to distress them yourself. That said, I worked with a guy who wore boots he bought for $12 at the military surplus store, and they were some of the most attractive boots I’ve ever seen.

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