The Two-Day Scruff

Somewhere between the 5 o’clock shadow and lumberjack lies the “two-day scruff”. It’s pretty ubiquitous in the fashion industry at the moment, and it is perfectly appropriate for the workplace as well. Your tools of the trade will vary, though I can personally recommend the Wahl Groomsman & the Norelco 5 in 1 Professional Grooming Kit. I personally like the Wahl because it’s battery operated, and given that I’m constantly on the road, I often have to trim roadside and don’t want to fear running out of power halfway through the job. That said, the Norelco is a fabulous product offering you more lengths than any other product.

From personal experience, trim your neckline without trim attachments from the bottom up, stopping when the clipper hits your jaw. Don’t trim above the jaw with the bare blade, keep it scruffy and short at the same length as the rest of your beard. Feel free to taper, using a slightly shorter attachment for your sides and cheeks, slightly longer for a scruffy goatee look.

Here is the beard in action, in slightly different lengths, modeled by Noah Mills, Jon Kortajarena and yours truly.

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