Scott Caan Photographs Vol. 1

As a photographer & graphic designer, I love seeing dynamic images. Also a lover of the visual arts, my friend Greg and I often tear through the photography section of Barnes & Noble. Upon his recommendation, I checked out Scott Caan Photographs Vol. 1.

Caan is a familiar name in Los Angeles. Scott’s father played Sonny in The Godfather and I myself am quite familiar with Scott’s work from Varsity Blues and Gone in 60 Seconds. Not that all of his movies are popcorn action flicks. In fact, Scott Caan has had a solid career on the indie circuit, first with Dallas 362, which he both wrote and directed, as well as Mercy, recently available on DVD and directed by talented photographer Patrick Hoelck. I’ll be writing my review of Mercy shortly, but in the mean time, here’s my take on Scott Caan’s first collection of photos.

A mix of intimate portraits and reportage photography, Caan has a classical approach to pictures. His pictures aren’t crude or obscene, though they certainly are sensual and passionate images. Many seem as if they could have been taken decades ago, and if they were not shot entirely on film, the aesthetic towards that medium is certainly clear. I highly recommend this book for anyone in need of a coffee table conversation starter. The diversity of images is astounding, and if this book doesn’t grab your guests, I’m not sure what will.

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