Scott and I love fall fashion. Growing up in Portland and Seattle respectively, we were forced to bundle up from October through March. While Los Angeles isn’t quite as demanding of it, we still love this season because we can break out of favorite fall classics once again. Here are three looks comprised of standard pieces I’ve had in my closet for years. They are timeless pieces, well worth investing in, though their classic lines make it easy to find a good value if you hunt for it.

My first look is a gray peacoat paired with a simple white Oxford, raw denim and boots. I found this peacoat from Merona in the middle of summer on sale for $40 at Target. It’s been in rotation for years and hasn’t shown any wear and tear at all. I maintain that it’s probably still the best value in my closet. That isn’t to say a quality peacoat from a brand like Spurr or Varvatos isn’t worth the money, but after having my favorite one stolen from Scott’s and my college dorm room, I’ve never fully recovered. Until I take the plunge again, this Merona garment fits the bill perfectly.

My second look is a classic medium-brown leather bomber jacket, made by American Rag. A leather jacket is something that demands quality, especially if you find a piece that fits you well. I’m sure PETA will be upset at me for saying this, but steer clear of faux-leather. Invest in a well-made piece and enjoy it for years.

Lastly, my third look incorporates layering. A subtle plaid gray blazer from Zara over a black cardigan from H&M. Come fall, I love pairing sweaters with blazers, I think they look quite elegant and refined, even when worn with denim. Gray is a great choice for a blazer, as you can wear it with all shades of blue denim and black denim or slacks. Black, on the other hand, can be tricky to wear with dark denim. For my money, I’ve never found any blazer with the cut and quality of Zara.

These photos of me were taken by Tyrone Lavigne, Scott Marrs and Marc Watrel respectively.

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