The Henley is a perfect garment to transition from summer to fall. While it can be worn casually on its own, as demonstrated by Brad below, there are quite a few variations you can play with. Shy demonstrates a slightly oversize classic white Henley paired with skinny gray denim. It is also a perfect piece to layer as the weather starts to change. Consider wearing a neutral toned Henley beneath a plaid button-up, like Beckham wears casually en route to the airport. Your options are limitless, feel free to dress down a black blazer by exchanging your traditional white Oxford for a gray or white Henley. Sage advice: Do not wear a crew neck over a Henley, let the button collar remain visible.

Shy is wearing H&M, Brad is wearing American Apparel and I can only guess what Beckham is wearing. American Apparel makes quite a few in neutral colors, but for those with a smaller budget, I’ve had success at Old Navy as well.

To book Shy Taylor, contact M Model Mgmt. at 323.658.8382.
To book Brad Greiner, contact APM Model Mgmt. at 212.941.9666.
To book David Beckham… I’m really not sure.

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